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Inspiring You to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Imagine living your life with less stress, more energy, and better health.  With rejuvenating massage and whole food nutrition you embrace the art of self-care, transform and Become Your Natural Best!

At Prevana Wellness, it is our mission to help you integrate fun and healthy habits that overtime bring a sense of vitality and joy to your life.  


Massage Therapy - Emotional and physical stress builds up in the body and can be released naturally through massage.  As our lives get busier, taking time for yourself to relax will ease your overwhelmed nervous-system, allowing you to move through your days with more vitality and happiness.  For more information on the benefits of different massage modalities click on one of the Quick Links below.

2720 Bee Caves Rd. Austin, TX 78746.  By appointment only. 

2720 Bee Caves Rd. Austin, TX 78746.  By appointment only. 



Whole Food Nutrition - Many of us are overwhelmed when we think about living a healthy lifestyle. We may be busy, have one or more picky eaters in the family, or just desire full vitality but can't dedicate the time it takes to live the desired "healthy lifestyle".  At Prevana Wellness there are convenient solutions for all.  Whether you are just beginning your health journey or maintaining one, Prevana Wellness can offer you simple and fun ways for you and your family to nourish yourselves with whole food nutrition. 


The vertical aeroponic growing system allows you to grow up to 20 vegetables, herbs and flowers in less than three square feet—indoors or out. It’s the perfect companion in your journey toward healthy living. Our soil-free gardens can be found on patios, schools, restaurants, community gardens and more. Coming Soon - Prevana Wellness is putting a garden in our waiting room so you can see what all the excitement is about!


Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blends provide added whole food based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient capsule form.

Children 4-18 years old or full time undergraduates can receive free whole food products. Please contact me if you'd like to learn more!


We all strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle – whether it’s keeping a healthy work/life balance; finding the perfect balance between being a couch potato or a gym rat; or eating a balanced diet. Complete helps you achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, providing whole food nutrition in convenient shakes and nutrition bars.


One Simple Change-- At Prevana Wellness, we believe in taking small steps towards improving your health.  Whether you're coming in for a massage to help with stress management and muscle discomfort or if you chose to work from the inside out with one of our whole food programs, we can help you achieve a happier healthier YOU!  LEARN MORE HERE!

"True change happens with you, I'm just here to help." -- Paige Moreno; Owner of Prevana Wellness