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  • Massage Therapy - Emotional and physical stress builds up in the body and can be released naturally through massage.  As our lives get busier, taking time for yourself to relax will ease your overwhelmed nervous-system, allowing you to move through your days with more vitality and happiness.  For more information on the benefits of different massage modalities click on one of the Quick Links below.
  • Grow Your Food - The future of gardening is Tower Gardens. With water supplies and access to land being environmental issues of the present time, gardening with 90% less water, 90% less land and with 30% faster food growth, urban patio gardens are the perfect solution. Nourish your body with the freshly harvested food from your very own urban garden. Learn more HERE.
  • Whole Food Supplements - Unlike vitamins, whole food supplements are made from REAL FOOD. They are juiced and dried real fruits, berries and veggies that preserve the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics from the food and forgo the sugar and water. These are called supplements because they supplement an already healthy (or for some, unhealthy) diet. Learn more HERE.
  • Whole Food Programs - Food can either fuel & heal the body or create toxic sickness.  We offer whole food programs which help you discover which foods best nourish YOU.  Learn more HERE.
  • Whole Food Shakes - We encourage our clients to add a plant-based protein to their morning smoothies to make them higher in protein, fiber and superfoods. Our go-to protein is the Juice Plus+ Complete Protein. This protein is derived from pea protein, chickpea protein, rice protein and water-washed, minimally processed soy protein. It contains no soy isolates or whey. It is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Kosher and NSF Certified. Flavor options are Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla. Learn more HERE.