Shred10 Detox Program

nourish your body with whole foods

Are you looking for a health breakthrough?  Ready to take the next step toward your health/fitness goals? Tired of being tired? Want to learn how to make simple steps towards achieving a healthier more vibrant YOU?  Our Shred10 Detox Program helps you learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Because the Shred10 is a virtual program you can participate from anywhere and invite friends & family to get healthy with you!

Participants in our programs have noticed the following benefits:

  • Improved energy throughout the day!

  • Able to sleep better and wake up rejuvenated

  • Clearer, glowing skin from the increased antioxidants and nutrients

  • Healthier cravings – more fruits and veggies

  • Decreased sugar cravings – retrain your body to crave nutrients

  • Understand basics of good nutrition, using food as fuel and the role of supplements

  • Increased confidence in pursuing and achieving health and fitness goals!


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Ten days is long enough for you to get some real results, and short enough to stay disciplined for success. By fueling your body with essential nutrients, you will be getting a jumpstart to reach your next health goals. During this 10-day period, you will shed unhealthy habits and focus on clean living, followed by a 4-month period when you will continue your own personal education and establish long-term health that will revolutionize your life for years to come.

  • Simple guidelines that are easy to follow
    Many programs include complicated meal plans and formulas for success. Shred10™ is a simple program that anyone and everyone can follow. Guidelines are backed by health professional recommendations found in the Shred10 Guide Book.

  • No calorie counting or food deprivation
    During the Shred10™, participants do not need to track grams of anything, calories, or points. There is no food deprivation that will leave you hungry or fatigued. Simply eat foods that fall in the parameters of the guidelines until you are full, then stop eating. Easy.

  • Products that makes sense and are backed by clinical research
    Juice Plus+® trio capsules and Complete® shakes are no-brainers. They are simply fruits, vegetables, and berries in capsules and shakes. There are over 30 clinical studies published in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals that show how Juice Plus+® and Complete® are beneficial to the human body on many levels.

  • Safe for the whole family
    Why make healthy changes by yourself when you could bring those you love most along with you?

  • Incredibly affordable
    During the Shred10™, the cost of the Juice Plus+® capsules and Complete® shakes is so affordable…literally just a few dollars a day for two very filling shakes and 45 different fruits, vegetables, and berries. All of the other resources, educational tools and support are complimentary parts of the program.

  • Dynamic resources and customer care
    All participants receive this “Shred Guide,” a 40+ page eBook that answers questions about the Shred10™, and provides healthy meal ideas, over 15 smoothie recipes to try, and a great deal of snack ideas. Participants will also receive a cascade of education they can access before, during, and after the Shred10™.

  • Supportive community of friends
    The Facebook support community and connection with others is one of the best features of the Shred10™. Without a community of supportive friends, the Shred10™ isn’t nearly as fun or effective.

To enroll in the Shred10 program, place your Plant Micro & Macro product order by visiting our Plants & Prevention page.

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Our Ultimate Lymphatic Detox Program, includes the Shred10 monthly cleanse AND 4 health coaching & detox lymphatic massage sessions. In a toxic world with digestive strength for most folks in decline, the lymphatic system (the body’s drainage system) can easily get congested. While going through a cleanse, receiving lymphatic massages are a great complimentary treatment to assist the body’s detoxification process. LEARN MORE HERE.