Massage Therapy

rejuvenate with massage therapy

Massage has become an increasingly popular way for people to relieve tension and enjoy a relaxing retreat from life's otherwise stressful activities.  Taking time for yourself now can be a great way to improve energy and motivation at work and at home.  At Prevana Wellness you will enjoy my peaceful room tucked up against the greenbelt.  With natural light and the trees swaying your body naturally will begin to calm and unwind as the outside world falls away. 


BENEFITS: Regular Massage

  • Increases energy & strengthens immune system

  • Relief from muscle aches, pains & spasms

  • Lowers blood pressure & improves circulation

  • Reduces mental stress & anxiety

  • Decreases chronic pain

  • Release of emotional & physical tension

  • Enhances recovery from injury

  • Promotes quality sleep

  • Improved body & mind awareness



Therapeutic Swedish Massage

A gentle therapy that calms the nervous system and increases circulation, creating a cascade of beneficial effects.  With its marvelous abilities to relieve pain and tension, speed healing and increase your energy and vitality, massage can be a lifetime ally in maintaining your ongoing good health. 

60 minutes - $75.00
75 minutes - $90.00
90 minutes - $100.00   


Deep Tissue Massage

Breaks the stress-tension-pain cycle by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation & bringing the body to neuromuscular balance.  Designed to relieve muscular pain, address soft tissue injuries & increases range of motion, it uses slower strokes with more direct pressure across the grain of the muscles.

60 minutes - $75.00
75 minutes - $90.00
90 minutes - $100.00


  • Body brushing

  • 15 minute add-on

  • Foot massage

  • Scalp massage





Paige is a thoughtful, intuitive and intelligent therapist who took the time to listen to my laundry list of health issues and modified my session as needed to accommodate new needs. I appreciate the kind care she gave me throughout and I look forward to seeing her regularly.
— Laura M.
Paige is awesome! She really cares about her work and her clients and always brings a positive calm to me. I suffer from chronic pain and her deep tissue work is truly the best therapy I’ve been able to find.
— A.G.
I have been a client of Paige’s for 2 years now and seeing her once a month has made such a huge difference on my physical as well as my mental state. She has always been very professional and friendly. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a great massage therapist.
— Joanna M.
When I received my first massage with Paige, I had endured months of marathon training without massage therapy. Paige relaxed my tired muscles and set me up to happily and healthfully continue running the streets of Austin, San Antonio, north Texas, and Las Vegas. Paige is an integral component of my post-race recovery.
— Desirae J