Pre-Natal Massage

rejuvenate with pre-natal massage

Pregnancy is a time of great changes, when your entire body adapts to the new life growing within.  You need and deserve support, especially since two people now depend on your health and vitality.  Massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy.  The caring touch of massage can help you experience your changing body in a positive, accepting way.


BENEFITS: Pre-Natal Massage

  • Reduce muscle cramps & painful trigger points

  • Reduce excess fluid retention

  • Slow the progress of varicose veins

  • Assists your body to adjust to changing shape

  • Relieve pain in the muscles & joints

  • Prepares for labor by increasing awareness in tension while learning to consciously release it

  • Help cope with stress

  • Improve your outlook on life, which supports both you & your baby

  • Increase confidence & control during labor



Pre-Natal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a therapeutic massage designed to focus on the special needs of a mother-to-be as her body changes during pregnancy. It helps reduce swelling, relieve aches and pains, and provide emotional release during pregnancy. Just what every new mother needs! Specially-designed pregnancy cushions are used to support the mother in a way that allows her to support her abdomen while fully relaxing. 2nd and 3rd trimester only.

60 minutes - $75.00
75 minutes - $90.00
90 minutes - $100.00


Post-Natal Care

Many women have water retention after giving birth and lymphatic massage can help flush those unwanted fluids out.  Just one lymphatic massage can have a powerful impact on a woman's recovery! Lymphatic Massage can be helpful for moms just a few days and up to 3 months after birth to assist with water retention. After 6 months scar tissue therapy can be added in to assist with any restrictions from any abrasions.

Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage: 60 minutes - $125.00


  • Body Brushing

  • 15 minute add-on

  • Foot massage

  • Scalp massage

PREGNANCY CARE: Eating for Two

Eating for two just got easier

Eating for two just got easier

As a mother, you are now gifting your child nutrients for his/her growth.  In womb the child is dependent on you soley to provide nutrients.  Eat Clean-- instead of loading up on empty calories, opt for whole foods.  It is a tricky time while aromas may nauseate, foods do not appeal and appetites may lack, to feed both you and your child healthy foods.  There is no time more important than the 9-months that you share with your child to focus on your nutrition.  If you would like more information on how to Eat Clean during your pregnancy please contact or fill out a contact form here.


Paige is the BEST EVER. I’ve been getting pre-natal massages and it has been my saving grace. I’m in my last trimester now, and I think I may need 2 a month!! She is very professional and passionate about what she does. I’ve also used her gift certificates as GIFTS!!!
— Holly M.
Paige helped me through my pregnancy with weekly massages. She’s very educated in her field and takes great care of her customer’s. I would recommend her to anyone.
— Beth W.